Family Provision Claims

A family provision claim can be made against a deceased estate where that person claims they have not received adequate provision in the will.

People who are eligible to make a claim include

  • spouse of the deceased (including defacto spouse)
  • former spouse
  • child/children
  • a person who was at any particular time wholly or partly dependant on the deceased*
  • a grandchild of the deceased person or who was a member of the household of which the deceased was a member*
  • a person with whom the deceased was in a close personal relationship with at the time of death*

*For these claims, the court must be satisfied there are also ‘factors warranting’ a grant of provision.

We can provide our advice regarding eligibility based on your particular circumstances.

We can act for a person making a claim for provision as well as act on behalf of estates defending a claim.


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